About Me

Hi. My name is Maria Jones. I am a licensed Massage Therapist, MT#118837, currently practicing massage and holistic therapies in Humble Texas.

My journey into the Holistic field began in childhood, although I didn't know it at the time.

As a child, I was an empath. I felt the emotions of others and carried their pain. My empathy for others took a backseat in my 20's as I found myself raising a two year old and infant twins. Then it became all about me. Three children under the age of three all in diapers! Can you blame me? LOL.

In my 30's I went back to work, to save my sanity, as a boring, hum-drum, accountant. It was heaven. As I re-entered the corporate world, I started noticing that I was getting intuitive 'hits' when others would talk about something that was bothering them or that they were passionate about. I started seeing dates or months over their heads as they spoke about what it was they wanted resolved. I would go on long drives with my husband and intuitive messages started to come through about things we were talking about. Each time the messages came to pass, my husband and I would freak out a little. In time we came to trust and accept it.

In my 40's I started feeling physical pain in my body as others entered my 'space'. It wasn't until a co-worker came into my office and my jaw was immediately filled with searing pain that I realized it wasn't my pain that I was feeling. I was fine until the second she walked in. The moment I asked if she was having pain in her jaw and she grabbed it and shook her head 'yes', the pain in mine instantly went away. It dawned on me that all I needed to do was to acknowledge that the pain was not mine and release it. All of this prompted me to seek answers to burning questions.

I am in my 50's now and in my quest to find out what was going on with me, both physically and intuitively, I have found precious modalities that speak to my heart and am excited to share my healing practice and experiences with you!